Airport Gluttony

I have huge issues with “I’m at the airport the calories don’t count!”  It’s puzzled me that I can be disciplined when things are predictable, but once they’re not I use the uncertainty as an excuse to fall off the food wagon and fully indulge in complete opposition with my goals.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve been able to manage air travel without indulging.  It was a 10 hour trip door to door and I consumed a multigrain bagel, an apple, a banana, and 10 mini pretzels.  When I got home I had a turkey sandwich, an orange, and a protein shake, so it wasn’t a fluke.  This has never happened before, and I credit it to a few mental exercises spliced together from Tony Robbin’s Awaken the Giant Within (Amazon)  For a week now, every time I’ve been at a crossroads in food decisions I’ve pulled out a small note pad and actually written out my emotional state and asked myself which option is going to contribute to my success.  So, by the time I was at the airport yesterday I had a good mechanism to make good choices.

I’m roughly half way through the book, but eventually I’d like to have a quick and easy index-card some other type of accountability aid focused on helping the person step outside of the immediate decision and make the decision more as a caring bystander.  I’ll give myself and end of the month deadline to have this ready to share.  I think the book would be very helpful for those have struggles with destructive tendencies during dieting.


Author: Asher

I worked as a CPA for 10 years before jumping into a fitness industry career. I'm Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified, a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, and an Eat-to-Perform certified nutrition coach.