Appetite and Metabolism III

Today we’re going to cover people with lower end metabolism but also the matching lower appetite (see Part I and Part II).  For this group, it comes down to food quality.  If nature is dictating a lower calorie count for you, you don’t have as much room to play around with your food choices.  To put it another way, a person with huge caloric need can indulge and still fit plenty of nutrient rich, body-systems-supporting foods into their diet.  They don’t have to make too many “or” decisions– “gummies bears or sweet potato”, “oatmeal or Golden Grahams”, etc.  Simply put, if you have lower caloric needs, you need make better decisions because you have a smaller balance of food from which to introduce critical micronutrients into your system.

Possible Solution #1: Powder.  I keep a container of Amazing Grass Green Superfood in my refrigerator at all times.  I bulk cook a good number of my meals, and by cooking for one I don’t introduce a ton of variability during any given week.  The powder allows me to get greater coverage across the spectrum of the fruit and vegetable kingdom and by this get greater coverage of the micronutrients my body needs in order to function and perform best.  I’m still eating whole food fruits and vegetables, but I’m getting greater coverage of micros without adding a bunch of calorie load.  Lastly, the powder isn’t going to make you full, and big problem for low appetite people.

Possible Solution #2: Get random with your fruits and vegetables selections.  Be adventurous—by trying something new you might be introducing a food rich in a certain micronutrient you’re currently deficient in.  Also, you might discover something you never knew you loved!

Author: Asher

I worked as a CPA for 10 years before jumping into a fitness industry career. I'm Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified, a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, and an Eat-to-Perform certified nutrition coach.