Asher A Boucher, CPA, CF-L1, Eat-to-Perform Certified Nutrition Coach

Asher’s ten years in accounting was spent serving insurance industry clients in New York, Boston, and Jacksonville for the global accounting firms PwC and RSM.  Prior to this line of work, Asher was a US Marine and combat veteran of the Iraq Campaign.  He had the proud distinction of being a private first class twice.  Outside of work and service Asher is a lifetime cook, and has always been active.  In addition to Crossfit, which he’s been involved with for two plus years, Asher is a sports enthusiast and triathlete.


Russell L Peters, Crossfit Affiliate Owner, Pilot, Firefighter

Russell has been a Crossfit affiliate owner for six years, and opened his second location two years ago.  Prior to Crossfit, Russell has been a jack-of-all-trades: pilot, firefighter, lifeguard, personal trainer, free diver, collegiate gymnast, and Eagle Scout.  He has too many Crossfit and training certifications to list here (not kidding), so go visit his gym’s website here: Russ’s Credentials Listing.  Russell is also a flexible dieter, and is an entrepreneur in the truest sense.