Eating Like McDonald’s

For us road warriors, we always talk about how hard it is to make good food choices on the road.  What doesn’t get mentioned is short stops home before hitting the road again.  Speaking for myself, when I would return home on Friday only to be back out the door on Sunday, I generally didn’t do well during this period.  I’d eat out rather than go to the grocery store.   During this recent trip I was reading McDonald’s: Behind the Arches by John F. Love.  A big emphasis in the book is on the early development of McDonald’s and why this one burger joint out of many rose to dominance.  Among a few variables covered was Ray Kroc’s fanatical belief in standardizing processes to predetermine an outcome (my words not the author’s).  I’m really loving this book and I’m going to take this five-day stop at home before returning to the road as an opportunity to dive into building an “operations manual” for hitting my macros and micros while home for short stretches.


Once I got done filming the companion video I washed, peeled, and weighed all the fruit and vegetables.  I then bucketed this information into the three groups: 1) salads, 2) ratatouille, and 3) workout carbs.

With these measurements I can start getting an idea of how to dole out stuff into meals over the next half of a week, finding out what will fit my macros and take this first pass at having a short-term blueprint for the next time I’m only home for a few days or visiting my family in New England for a short stretch.  Here’s what my first meal looked like:

32.8g carbs, 13.6g fat (should have added avocado or cheese), 31.7g protein

Ingredients: 95g tomato, 3.5 oz chicken, 60g bell pepper, 40g radish,  133g cucumber, 60g celery, 67g carrot, 5 cups lettuce, 60g beets, 1 ounce honey dijon vinaigrette, and my trusty hound, Bertram, for a photobomb.

Here’s my pre-workout carbs:

36.5 carbs, 0.7 fat, 3.2 protein

Ingredients: 225 grams strawberry, 161 gram navel orange, ice, basil.

Author: Asher

I worked as a CPA for 10 years before jumping into a fitness industry career. I'm Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified, a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, and an Eat-to-Perform certified nutrition coach.