Flexible Dieting Adventures with Cheese Sandwiches

Last Summer as I was planning to start an accounting firm I reviewed all my personal expenses and made dramatic cuts to my monthly spending.  I pretty much went through each expense and asked myself, “Is this critical? What am I spending and what am I getting?  Is there a cheaper alternative?”  With those answers in hand I kept, reduced, or eliminated expenses.  One of the things I eliminated was cable, which it turns out, I was spending a $100 a month plus the cost of the NFL Ticket to watch the New England Patriots.  All my other viewing I can cover with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.  For the Patriots games I can go eat lunch and watch the game at the Flying Iguana for $20-30 (party down).  The savings from this move alone is in excess of $1,000 per year.

Anyway, since I started getting my entertainment from shows on Netflix and Amazon I’ve been getting into British Mysteries.  One of the ones I really like is called Endeavor, which is a prequel series about the main character from a long running series Inspector Morse.  The name of Morse’s mentor and boss in the prequel series is Detective Inspector Thursday (is this getting confusing yet?).  A pretty common scene in the show is Morse picking up Thursday at his house, during which Thursday’s wife generally hands him a sandwich in wax paper for him to have for lunch.  Sometimes the day’s sandwich makes appearance other scenes—while they’re at a pub, giving it to an orphaned kid, etc.  In one episode Thursday mentions that day’s sandwich is cheese and pickle.  This absolutely blew my mind.  It seemed obvious but I’d never thought to have an “ungrilled” cheese sandwich.  I love bread and I love cheese—why wouldn’t they be good as a cold sandwich?  Since I don’t have access to a stove here in Maine, I thought I’d give cold cheese sandwiches a try (the thought of not having to spend time cooking or cleaning was a nice incentive too).

The verdict: they’re amazing and I’ve been eating a couple every day!  I’ve tried them with pickles and also with sliced tomato.  I prefer tomato but with pickles is very good too (I should also note I’m experimenting with gluten-free bread for a month for some later content).  Besides being awesome taste-wise, they also fall pretty close to a generic athlete’s split on macros if you use Ezekiel bread (40%/30%/30% carb, fat, protein is a general guideline). This was surprising for some reason even though I knew the grams of protein and fat in cheese are usually pretty close.  Throw in a half serving protein shake and you’re more or less right on mirroring your daily macros split.  And per usual, when you create meals you’re going to repeat, the tracking in MyfitnessPal becomes exceedingly easy.

Anyway, I lightly toast a few slices of Ezekiel bread, add 1 ounce of sliced cheese and then top with salt and peppered tomatoes or peppered pickles.  Quick, easy, and macro-friendly.  Using a reduced-fat cheese would be an option too if you’re on a split more heavily weighted towards carbs.


Author: Asher

I worked as a CPA for 10 years before jumping into a fitness industry career. I'm Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified, a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, and an Eat-to-Perform certified nutrition coach.