Sports Performance Nutrition Coaching


Bodybuilding versus sports performance

Bodybuilders have a different purpose than the performance athlete.  Bodybuilding nutrition requires its athletes to surrender performance in the later stages of contest preparation.  Performance nutrition serves to support increased athletic performance.

We want to partner with you in reaching your optimal performance weight.  You’re going to look amazing at your best performance weight and you’ll be able to back your strong look with performance.

We want to coach athletes.  This may be Crossfit, Orange Theory, functional fitness, triathlon, or sport fighting.  You lace up your shoes a few times a week go somewhere to work hard and sweat.  This fires us up and we want to work with you!

Train for performance and aesthetics will follow.

What makes us unique? 

We offer a boutique service tailored to your life and goals.  In order to best serve you we want to know about your everyday life: priorities, expectations, competition calendar, work life, family life, travel, and food tastes.  We want to be your trusted advisor.

We want you eating as much as possible healthy, whole foods to fuel performance even if it’s a longer path to your physique goal. Your metabolic health is critically important to us.

We want you eating the foods you enjoy.

Our approach

Phone calls, not emails.  It’s difficult to communicate via email, and nearly impossible to build a coach-athlete relationship.  The relationship is the path to collaboration and accountability.

Each week you will have a dedicated time slot for a one-on-one conversation with your coach to debrief on the week just ended and game plan for the following week.

We want to add value.